1984 Photos

When King signed to CBS in the summer of 1983 there were a number of articles in the national press talking about the label spending silly amounts of cash on this new band who wore painted Doctor Martin boots.

At Doc Martins Northamptonshire head office, Steven Griggs, the then young MD of this family run boot institution, was reading his copy of The Sun and made a mental note to check out the group should they ever perform in the neighbourhood.

Spin forward to 1984 and having attend a number of King shows, Stephen invited the band to drop into the companies Wollaston factory and see how their beloved footwear was made.

These James Palmer photo's find Jim Jackal, Paul King and manager Perry Haines offering respect to the Doc Martins management team who had created a variety of multi coloured and patented leather DM's for the band.

Both of Kings albums were produced by Richard James Burgess and engineered by Phill Brown who features at the mixing desk in some of these 1984 photographs taken by James at Parkgate residential studios.

Parkgate was a series of converted barns located near the village of Battle close to the UK seaside town of Hastings. The mixing room interior photo's are from the bands debut album session in the spring of 84' whilst the exterior band shots of the group standing in the studios courtyard are actually from the 1985 Bittersweet session.

James took a ride up the M1 to Coventry with Perry Haines in the August of 1984 to drop in on the band rehearsing with their new drummer Adrian Lillywhite. The exact location is unknown but judging by the buildings in Mick Roberts outside photo it was a space close to the cities railway station. This rehearsal session was in preparation for the groups headline dates that weekend at the Coventry Festival. 

Following a tour support with Fashion and numerous solo club dates, by August 84 King had become a powerful and popular live dance band. James Palmer captured the group in action at their home town concert for the Coventry festival which took place in the main hall of the Lanchester Polytechnic now known as Coventry University.

Such was the demand for tickets King played two shows that Saturday, the first in the afternoon for under 16's and then a later evening show when the public bar was opened to a very appreciative crowd due to the high summer temperatures.

James also took some fantastic pre-gig shots of the Coventry crowd which we will be looking to place on the site in the near future.


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