Early King Photos

James Palmer took the Belgrade Studio Theatre pictures in Coventry around March 1982. It was one of the earliest band performances in fact they were probably still performing as the Raw Screens.


Note Paul K is actually wearing spats. He rarely wore Doc Martins on stage as they restricted the dance moves.


The Dartford shots were the first official live King photos. They were taken as the band launched themselves on the music business. The gig took place December 23rd 1982 at Flicks night club in Dartford Kent where DJ Pete Tong had a residency.


The band would return to the venue a number of times throughout 1983. Unfortunately due to the stage lay out James, who was working from the dance floor, couldn't manage to get any decent shots of Mick on keyboards or Colin Heanes on the drums


Kings major break of 1982 was confirmation of a Radio 1 session with Peter Powell that also included a filmed appearance on the BBC's Oxford Road Show.


In preparation for their television debut the band drove down to London for some hair titillation at Attenna in Kensington.


James Palmer was once more on hand for a session that delivered the best solo photo on record of original King drummer Colin Heanes and also documents the colouring process of Mick Robert's fondly remembered bright red skin head cut.


Attenna owner Simon Forbes can be seen cutting Paul's hair. Simon is credited with the concept & creation of the first mono fibre hair extension which in the early 80's usually meant the instant dread lock look as beloved by funky white rasta's.


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